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Gameops – December 2018 Podcast

The podcast- 2018 awards roundtable

MILB’s Benjamin Hill, former NBA Mascot and YouTube Sensation Rob Wicall and Game Ops aficionado Amanda Greco join Jon Cudo for the 2018 Best of Awards Roundtable.

“They are willing to take risks. They are trend-setting. They created engaging traditions.  And they won best team operations…”

The crew dissect all seven categories looking at the winners, their picks and what makes each category interesting.  This is the 8th Annual Roundtable discussion around the awards and the debut at the table for Amanda and Rob.

To see all the winner, panelist comments and more check out the 2018 Best of Awards post now, or visit our Best of Awards Category page to see the winner dating back to 2001.

To listen to the full podcast click here

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