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Gameops – April 2023 Party in the Back Podcast

Party in the Back Podcast featuring founder of Shine Entertainment, Amanda

This month’s Party in the Back Podcast features three of our regulars in what can be categorized as an irregular conversation.

First Shine Entertainment’s Amanda Greco uses a great article as a launching point for a conversation about the announcing the starting lineups. We look at everything from who decides the order, fan reactions, placement of the coaches and event regulations that can shape your starting five hierarchy. Really interesting conversation on this critical piece of your team showcase.

Then Rob Wicall joins and turns the tables on host Jon Cudo.  Rob digs into the recent article by Cudo talking about the value of looking back on your promotions to share the highlights and why that is so important.  Discussion includes the added value of this epic Anthem Singer Audition tweet from the Reading Fightin’ Phils.

To listen to the full podcast click here

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