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Gameops – Laker Girls Livin’

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In the March 2019 Podcast former NBA Game Director Amanda Greco and I discuss the branding and positioning of your entertainment teams (specifically dance teams) including how they are positioned on Social Media.  Here is an example of some creative branding that positions your talent as more than just eye candy while providing some context into who they are. Sharing personality is a great connector for performers and this “Laker Girls Livin’” series on the Laker Girls IG account is great for providing some backstory to the women on the team.

In this series from the team they share “Things they Love” and dancer note their favorite things in life.  Simple and effective branding that puts the women in real life settings and offers fans some backstory into what makes them tick.  Fun and interesting and its not relying on overt sexualization of the dancers, which is an important consideration.

To listen to the full podcast click here

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