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Gameops – January 2021 Party in the Back Podcast

Party in the Back Podcast featuring founders of Shine Entertainment, Jonny and Amanda

We start 2021 with a bang including three great guest for a Party in the Back.  mazing Balancing Act. Tyler talks about his start, how many thing he has dropped (he keep count), the dangers of prosthetic legs and how his show will look different post-pandemic.

Next we party with the Emperor of Fun David Raymond. David explains what happens when Delaware’s two most famous residents meet and how to get into the Mascot Hall of Fame (or at least near it). But the important part of the interview was the question of whether or not your mascot should be wearing a mask while performing.  His answer might surprise you, but it will certainly make you think more about how your character is presented during the pandemic.

To listen to the full podcast click here

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