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We teamed with the Denver Broncos in the spring for a few months on developing their “Climb to Kick Off” pre-game show for the 2023 NFL season. Part of the strategy and execution included a new pre-game “Plant The Flag” moment, as well as a “Showtime Cast of Characters” introduction. Even with two home game losses to kick off the season, their Voice of the Fan ranking still went from 26th in 2022 to 16th for 2023! Overall, the team improved from 5-12 to 8-9, which included winning five out of their last six games at Mile High. That’s a Mile High Home Field Advantage!

What We Delivered

“Jonny and Amanda have been amazing and the most crucial partners. Shine Entertainment helped us unearth our creative narrative, tightened and elevated our entertainment program, and became one with our team.  Their creative leadership and counsel were exactly what we needed. They always went over and beyond, and we are for the better. I am incredibly grateful to Jonny and Amanda and so happy they will always be part of the extended Broncos team. Everyone would be so lucky to work with Shine Entertainment.”

Hailey Sullivan


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